Senta Duffield - Principal and Director

Welcome to The Maya Company 

Life is a dance….or many dances…and if you can approach them with love, curiosity and courage, you will have many more performances and applause.

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Client Love

I went on the Egypt Tour 2017 with Senta...She organised the opportunity for us to see the Valley Of The Kings in Luxor from a hot air balloon. What a phenomenal early morning adventure from our cruise ship via taxi and felucca ride to the river bank to board the balloon at sunrise. A pleasing tick off my bucket list. 

Julie Cloete

Maya Dance Company is not only a dance studio, it's so much more.
We are a "tribe" of ladies who love and support each other through our common interest & passion of dance.

Dancing with Maya has helped me gain self-confidence, reflect on what I would like to achieve in my life as both a dancer and person, and it has allowed me to grow my circle of friends.

Whilst going through rough times, it has been my anchor. Through belly dance, my physical, mental & emotional health has benefited immensely.

The constant encouragement throughout the studio from Senta down to my fellow dancing sisters has seen me step out of many comfort zones and achieve things I otherwise most probably wouldn't have.

Claudette Sapet-Nel

I have always had a fascination with Egyptology, archaeology and anthropology, as well as a love for all forms of dance and the arts. Belly dance brings all of these elements together. The Maya tours to Cairo and Upper Egypt fulfilled a life-long dream and were the perfect blend of culture, history and dance.   


Melanie Graham

A HUGE Thank you to Senta for being the MC at the Winter Extravaganza 2018 at Mount Edgecombe Country Club. Senta is a beautiful, confident woman who knows how to command the attention of an audience. She ensured everything ran smoothly and eased my mind when it came to the details of the event. I would highly recommend Senta.

Daniyel Berry

Style Me Image Consulting

I want to give a huge shout out and THANK YOU to all of the awesome dancers who attended my workshops and show this past weekend in South Africa. It was so wonderful to experience the positive and supportive SA dance community and a true pleasure to explore and see the beauty of your country. And, most importantly, the biggest thank you to my dear Senta Duffield for making all of this happen. Your passion for this dance is so inspiring and it shows so much in how much hard work you pour into your studio, your tours, your community, and your events. Thank you so much for your dedication to presenting this dance in such a professional manner, it was simply a pleasure to work together. Love you!!!!!


I just wanted to say another big thank you from the Community Chest. You certainly added that special touch to our event. I admire your gentle public speaking skills. There’s something special about the way in which you address your audience. 


Fadeela Deedat

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